About Us

Hands on History ProgrammingThe Steele County Historical Society’s Mission: Preserving and sharing history today for tomorrow.

2013 Butter Capitol Exhibit

2013 Steele County Butter Capitol Exhibit

History of the Society: The Steele County Historical Society (SCHS) was established in 1949 to preserve the history of Steele County. In 1962 with the arrival of the SACO Church, the Village of Yesteryear was established. Now with 19 structures, the latest acquisition being Gus’ Station, the Village has become a landmark in the county and a historic treasure with visitors from all over the United States and many other countries.


Dan Moeckly, Archives & Technology Manager
Stephanie Kibler, Meetings and Special Events Manager
MaryAnne Higgins, Volunteer & Tour Coordinator
Robyn Ladd, Archives Assistant & Customer Service
Gene Fransen, Meetings and Special Events Service Assistant

Board of Directors:

Jerry Ganfield, President
Bill Hartle, Vice President
Kaye Fransen, Past President
Janet Mealey, Secretary
Joanne Giga, Treasurer
Ryan Gillespie
Mike Jensen
Kirby Knutson
Matt Kottke
Erik Larson
Paul Swenson
Autumn Van Ravenhorst
Matt Walerius
Diane Wilson
Marilyn Witzel
County Commissioner Liaisons
Rick Gnemi
Greg Krueger


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