Gift Shop

A unique gift buying experience . . .

The SCHS Gift Shop offers a wide range of unique hand crafted pottery, todays giftsoaps, towels and woodcrafts; re-purposed items; homemade pickles, jellies and shrubs; books by local authors and more. All of the items have been created by local artisans. Be surprised, treat yourself, your home, your garden or find that special gift.

In addition to the handcrafted items, the Gift Shop has a collection of books written by Steele County Authors or with a Steele County subject matter.

We also have several items available for purchase from the vintage sale.  Contact 507/390-8394 or inquire at the History Center.

  1. Country school desk on runners
  2. Antique grinding stone
  3. Oak cane bottom chair
  4. Paper baler
  5. Mahogany veneer four-drawer dresser with mirror
  6. Simulated oak MFD/chipboard seven-drawer desk
  7. Simulated oak MFD/chipboard five-drawer desk with top shelving unit
  8. Three bedframes: 2 doubles, 1 king headboard